Being Irresistible to Women

Being Irresistible to Women

Being Irresistible to Women

This is not a fantasy, and it is being fulfilled daily among youngsters and mature folks, too. Being irresistible has little to do with a chiseled body or a fat pocket. It involves easier maneuvers and habits than one would expect. This irresistibility is something anyone from any background can try and achieve.

While men and women alike seem to focus more on looks and money nowadays, the truth is that these mean less by the day. It is the behaviors and character traits you portray from the onset and moving forward that ultimately define you. These traits can make you irresistible in the long term, much after another man’s money has run out. Check traits and aspects that could make you irresistible to women.

1. Confidence

Not to be confused with arrogance, confidence could be the number one trait that is irresistible to women. When a man speaks and walks with confidence, even Asian mail-order brides find it irresistible. This confidence is the envy of other men, too. Most people lack confidence and usually need to validate if they are worthy or not. This validation comes from outside forces, be it other women or men. A man who knows what he is worth is never unappreciated or liked. There is a clear distinction between confidence and arrogance though, one that needs to be learned and understood.

2. Alpha male

This is not being macho or chauvinistic but rather being strong physically and mentally. Men are meant to be leaders in every aspect, whether at home, office, or on the football field. When men become sissies or exhibit weak or feminine traits, it is never attractive. An alpha male can still show emotions, but crying and whining about every shortcoming or problem is seen as weak. It is not irresistible.

Look her in the eye as you discuss stuff and while flirting with her. It establishes two things: that you mean what you say and say what you mean, and second, that you indeed want to know her better. Essentially, it is a connection you are trying to establish. If she looks away, she might be shy, and you are probably making progress. Eye contact often removes the elements of doubt as many people are subconsciously pushing you away instead of drawing you closer.

4. Body Language

Coming on too strong is bad. It makes ladies feel uncomfortable invading their space. Try maintaining space between you and a partner. If she senses you are getting too comfortable, she might move away, which is never a good sign. Also, slouching, holding your head with your palm, and being too laid back is a behavior of street and beach boys. These traits and acts never work out well when trying to impress a lady.

5. Positivity

Women may be pessimistic at times, but so will men. The difference is that women expect men to be more gung-ho and aggressive when the dirt hits the fan. Men are seen as problem-solvers and should not be part of the problem. When a lady notices that a man seems overly pessimistic all the time and without solutions, it is not attractive. Being irresistible involves coming up with solutions for short and long-term problems.

Bottom Line

Find a lady you admire, keeping in mind what they are attracted to. Confidence, appearance, and a few things to avoid will keep you in their thoughts longer than you think. Being irresistible has little to do with your bank account. She might be thinking of you while on a date with a rich man. Remember this as you struggle to make more money, yet have all the positive traits mentioned herein.

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